The Avian Gospels

A city without a name is cursed by a plague of birds they probably deserve. But when an angry beggar child and his father learn they have the power to lift the curse—they “control” birds—they cannot agree on how to use their gift, and end up using it on each other, taking out everyone around them, especially those they love.

The Avian Gospels will be published in two volumes and designed to look like a Bible, with gold stamping on red textured Lexotone cover, rounded edges, and gold gilding on the edges.

“Imagine an alternate world in which Hungary borders on Oklahoma, where Norwegians and gypsies are secretly linked, where the cultural codes we think we know are reconfigured to become defamiliarized, and where characters slowly morph into their opposites. The Avian Gospels is about the birth and death of a religion, the birth and death of a city and the people in it. Novy’s novel explores the way that myth is made and unmade, and is an impressive debut.”
– Brian Evenson, author of Last Days, Fugue State, and The Open Curtain

“Wildly imaginative, emotionally complex, gorgeously captured and crafted, Adam Novy’s two-volume literary aviary — so stuffed with birds you’ll want to keep your handsome copies nailed to the table lest they fly off or at you — is one of the most original novels I’ve read in months, maybe years.”
– Laird Hunt, author of Ray of the Star and The Exquisite

“I write from the aftermath of The Avian Gospels’ last sentence. There are feathers and blood on the floor, my location: a jackknifed timeline on shaken tectonic tiles. I have seen the horrors of broken fidelities to kin and creed, brutal sights of carnage and betrayal. But I have also seen soaring, beautiful, sculptures—sights never before imagined or dreamt. I blame Adam Novy for all of this.”
– Salvador Plascencia, author of The People of Paper

“You could call what Adam Novy’s doing magical realism, but he writes as though the Latin American Boom never happened. In the world of the Avian Gospels, fire drools, houses wander like a mind, and the map has been rearranged so that China, Oklahoma, and of course, the dreaded Hungary butt up against each other in constant war. Even more striking, the novel contains all the pleasures or more conventional stories — suspense, romance, violence, and slapstick. While the news he proclaims is not exactly good, Novy has written an authentic gospel for our time.”
– Christian Tebordo, author of The Awful Possibilities and We Go Liquid

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